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Explore our selection of quality wooden toys and markers. Perfect for imaginative immersion, for children of all ages.


Danish-made wooden toys

Crateit's selection of Danish-made wooden toys has been created with consideration for children of all ages. Regardless of whether your child is a curious barn owl or an adventurous explorer, our wooden toys help to awaken the child's imagination and creativity.

Tradition and quality in Danish-made wooden toys

Crateit's wooden toys are the epitome of Danish design and quality. Each and every toy is created with care and love by our proud production on Funen. We take great pride in continuing the long tradition of wooden toys in Denmark, which has always been synonymous with good quality and outstanding design.

Our wooden toys strengthen children's development

When you choose Crateit's wooden toys, you are not only helping to support a Danish company, but you are also investing in your child's future development. You give them a gift that can create unforgettable memories and contribute to their learning and development. As your child immerses themselves in our wooden toys, they will build, construct and role-play, helping to create imaginative stories. All this helps to stimulate the child's cognitive abilities.

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