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Far out in the countryside is the Bakkely farm. Here lives the cow Karla, who is a young cow who enjoys spending time with all her animal friends. Every Farm needs a cozy and safe farmhouse. With the Farmer's House, you get the opportunity to put together and color the universe around Karla the Cow, Bo the Farmer and all their animal friends. Karla the cow and Bo the farmer need your creativity!



Number of figures/parts: 1 build-it-yourself house, 12 figures, 25 fences and 2 fields in the box


Made of HDF in 100% FSC


Item number: C1119


Size of the package: 16.8x21.5x6.5cm


Weight: 830gr.

  • All our products are produced in wood without colour. You must apply that yourself.
  • Can be colored with all kinds of markers, paints and colored pencils.
  • Markers are not included and can be purchased separately.