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At Crateit we take pride in creating Danish quality wooden toys that are created to awaken the child's imaginative soul and curiosity. Imagine a unicorn with wings flying through the clouds and landing on the erupting volcano in Dinosaurland!

Each wooden toy from Crateit is designed to open up a world of imaginative play for your child. When we design our wooden toys, we always think about how they will awaken the child's creative spark of adventure.

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Bought a box with dinosaurs in it, it was a huge hit at home. It is certainly not the last time I shop at Crateit.

- Mathilde

''You should definitely buy a box''

Easy and decorative, and super friendly service. So a warm recommendation from here, and so suitable for more than just coloring.

- Sarah

''Then it can't get any better''

Great products, super good and fast delivery. Then it can't get any better.

- Claus

''Great idea''

I just bought an Easter set for my children aged 1.4 and 3.5. They were SO happy and thought it was fun to draw on something other than paper.

- Linett

''Immersion and enjoyment''

It is not the first time I have bought Crateit's products and I have been satisfied every time. My 8-year-old daughter loves to immerse herself and be creative with the figures.

- Marianne

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