Tilbage til skolen: Trælegetøj som legende læring

Back to school: Wooden toys as playful learning

Back to school

We have entered the month of August, and the children's start of school is just around the corner.

As we know, children learn best through play and interaction. Wooden toys are therefore the ideal way to combine fun and learning. With wooden toys, children get the opportunity to explore, create and discover the world around them through the different shapes, colors and textures of the toys. At Crateit.dk, we have carefully selected creative wooden toys that not only entertain, but also strengthen the children's social skills, language skills and ability to express themselves, both at home, but also at school.

Creative wooden toys for imagination and storytelling 

With our Dinosaur universe the children can create their own exciting dinosaur stories. Let them travel back in time and explore a world where the dinosaurs ruled. With wooden figures of different dinosaur species, they can recreate battles, hunts and adventures limited only by their imaginations. This wooden toy allows for fun and educational play while stimulating children's creative thinking. Buy the dinosaur universe here.



If your child dreams of magical forests and fairy-tale creatures, our Unicorn Universe be the perfect playmate. With figures of June and her unicorn friends, children can immerse themselves in a world full of magic and mystery. They can create their own tales of friendship, adventure and enchanting experiences. This imaginative play will help children develop their language skills and the ability to express their feelings through storytelling. Buy the unicorn universe here.



With our creative wooden toys, we are ready to inspire and strengthen the children's imagination, learning and storytelling both inside and outside of school. We know that school plays an important role in children's development, but play at home is also of great importance for the child's schooling and development.

We at Crateit.dk are happy to be part of the children's fantastic journey towards learning, imagination and storytelling. We wish you all a wonderful start to school and hope that our wooden toys will bring joy and learning into your everyday life.

Best regards
Whole team Crateit

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