Our history

The concept

Crateit's wooden toys allow for play with friends, independent immersion and presence with the family. The products are unique because they challenge the way children play. At Crateit there are no rules. Is the grass blue and the cow red? It is entirely up to the child's imagination.

The wooden toy is made so that the children can color and build as they wish. This is where the most imaginative adventures and stories arise.

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Our values

Local workshops

All Crateit's toys are produced
at Funen workshops

Danish design

Crateit continues Denmark's design traditions through our timeless wooden toys

Responsible production

All our products are produced by
people with special needs

Pædagoger og Borgere på Odense Værkstederne

Valuable cooperation

At Crateit we can proudly say that our products create joy, utility and benefit, as all our products are produced and assembled by adults with different challenges.

We respect people and therefore focus on creating meaningful and responsible work for the citizens concerned.

The entrepreneurial journey

Crateit started as a school project. Listen to the 'Entrepreneur Stories' podcast with Mark Anthony to hear about our entire entrepreneurial journey.

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It requires <tc>Crateit</tc> to stick to the values: - It is probably not ideal to do as a startup

The team behind Crateit

Martin Wibe Kristensen
Martin Wibe Kristensen

Co-Founder, Sales & Finance


Tel.: +45 61 28 51 26

Tonny Kaagaard Olsen
Tonny Kaagaard Olsen

Co-founder, Production & Development


Tel.: +45 61 60 27 72

Mia Boutrup

Marketing Manager


Mathilde Thorup

Visual Designer