Crateit | Quest Wooden Toys | Escape from the Volcano

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In a distant time, giant dinosaurs ruled the earth. A fearsome volcano threatened their world. A brave dinosaur, Bronto, and his dino friends explored the volcano. Here they discovered a treasure trove of fossils that told the story of their ancestors. Help the dino friends to find more fossils and avoid the eruption of the volcano.


Number of figures/parts: 1 build-it-yourself erupting volcano, 5 figures, 10 different plants, meat and bones.

Made of HDF in 100% FSC

Item number: C1127

Size of the package: 30x21.5x6.5cm

Weight: 1620gr.

  • All our products are produced in wood without colour. You must apply that yourself.
  • Can be colored with all kinds of markers, paints and colored pencils.
  • Markers are not included and can be purchased separately.