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In The Magic Forest lives the unicorn Juni with her 3 best friends. Deep in the forest, they fly around among enchanting trees. The four unicorns love wild strawberries, which they use to brew their magical elixir. Be part of the adventure by coloring and collecting your friends' secret homes.



Number of figures/parts: 1 DIY forest house with 3 large trees, 5 figures, 10 different plants, fruits and magic items.

Made of HDF in 100% FSC

Item number: C1133    

Size of the package: 23x21x5x6.5cm

Weight: 1360gr.


  • All our products are produced in wood without colour. You have to apply it yourself.
  • Can be colored with all kinds of markers, paints and colored pencils.
  • Markers are not included and can be purchased separately.