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Amazing Color Bombs: Best Markers for Kids

Do you have children who love to color and be creative? In this blog post you will find the best markers for your creative children.

In a world where screen time takes up more and more space in everyday life, it can be fun to find alternative ways to entertain the children, while at the same time strengthening their creativity and development.

Drawing and coloring is like magic for children, it strengthens their small fine motor skills and cognitive abilities, like a magic potion for their brains! It helps them focus better, learn faster and remember longer. And best of all, it's so nice to sit together and create something amazing!

Yes, there are many advantages to letting your imagination run wild and being creative!

But you probably know the challenge of tired markers that are almost empty or as dry as desert sand. But fear not! In this adventurous blog post, I will reveal the secret behind the best markers for kids, so stick around and let's go on a colorful journey!

Posca – Intense Color Permanent Markers

Step into a world of creative magic with the amazing Posca markers! These quick-drying, long-lasting, water-based markers will take your artwork to new heights. Whether it is the canvas, glass, stone or wood, the Posca markers will transform them with intense and lasting colors. They are perfect for Crateit's products and will make them even more unique!

If you have not yet experienced the enchanting effect of Posca markers, a pack of 8 different colors is a fantastic way to start. Grab the marker and watch your artwork unfold in an explosion of color!

But wait, there's more! Do you want more glitter and joy in everyday life? Then there's also a pack of 8 brilliant markers packed with glitter! These markers are perfect for creating wild effects or just adding extra festivity to your designs.

Faber Castell - Double Markers Perfect for Kids

Take a creative journey with the Faber Castell markers, which will be the perfect addition to any home with little artists. These magic markers work on a variety of surfaces and are ideal for both detail and larger areas, thanks to their two ends - a wide tip for covering larger areas of color and a thin tip for precise detail and writing.

The markers are water-based and easy to wash off most textiles, making them child-friendly and practical.

Faber Castell also has an enchanting set of 6 markers in metallic colours, with a 1.5mm tip, perfect for creating effects and adding small details with a touch of shine.

Did you also know that Faber Castell is very focused on sustainability? Read more about their measures here.

Inspiration for Creative Coloring

Now you know the best markers for children, but what should you color?

Color your very own puzzle

Explore your creative side and create your own colorful puzzle. You have complete freedom to choose your own colors and decide how the final result should look - only your imagination sets the limits. There are numerous motifs to choose from. The puzzle will give you many hours of immersion, both when you color it and when you assemble it again and again.

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