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Create your own fairytale with

The Emperor's New Clothes

3 unique products!


USD 44
  • Age 6+
  • 36 bricks
  • +5 hours of painting

memory game

USD 47
  • Age 3+
  • 40 bricks
  • Strengthens cognitive skills


USD 40
  • Age 5+
  • 14 figures
  • Create your own fairytale

H.C. Andersen X Crateit

wooden toys

The Emperor's New Clothes
retold through 3 unique products

A unique collaboration has been created between H.C. Andersen's House and Crateit. Together we make room for diversity. Through creative wooden toys, we have conveyed the unique fairytale ''The Emperor's New Clothes'' written by H.C. Andersen.

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we make room for diversity

The whole world needs to know about Crateit, and there is a very special reason for that! Every single day we work with some of the most amazing and inspiring people on this earth. These people are usually having more trouble applying for and having jobs than most. 

At Crateit there is room for everyone, and we want to show the world with pur Kickstarter campaign, that people with disabilities do not have to be outcasts in the labor market. Our main focus is to create social responsibility through meaningful work for grown-ups with disabilities. 

Our beloved
production team

We make time for creativity and play

Crateits products appeal to creative and modern parents, who look for toys that fit their children’s stages of development and stimulate their play. 

More than just a wooden toy

Creative puzzle

Paint your own puzzle



The emperor
needs your help!

The Emperors needs your help to assemble and paint not only his clothes, but his whole village! Color your fairytale with this wooden customizable jigsaw puzzle, where no limits are allowed!


the box contains

Creative memory game

Paint your own memory game



The emperor has no clothes on!

Help the Emperor redeem his trust in the village by memorizing where his clothes have gone.

Only your imagination sets the boundaries

the box contains

Creative figures

Paint your own figures



paint the emperor some colorful clothes

Be creative with our wooden customizable figures, and paint them with your favorite colors. Paint the Emperor, his clothes, the weavers, and all of the essentials of the fairytale.


The box contains

Kickstarter Faqs

Crowdfunding allows companies to raise money from friends, family, investors, other companies etc., for a project. Kickstarter is an reward-based crowdfunding company, which means, that those friends, family and others who pledge money for this project, will get something in return - often reward(s) such as products the company provides. 

There are 2 reasons why we want to raise money on Kickstarter:

1. We want to create even more workplaces for our beloved production. We want to tell the world, that people with disabilities can make a difference in the labor market if they get the recognition they deserve - we have seen that with our own eyes. 

2. We are proud of our collaboration with H.C. Andersen's house in Odense,  and we want to put some light on our new H.C. Andersens product series; The Emperor's New Clothes.

Our focus is to create more creativity and play through H.C. Andersen's tellings and fairytales conveyed through our wooden toys.  

As a 'Backer' on our project, you can choose your own reward. When you pledge to our project you are supporting our start-up company, and you are helping us raise money so that we can expand our production which equals more people with cognitive disabilities will be put into work. 

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